January 6, 2022

What You See vs. What I See


File this under "you guys must trust me A LOT"

... because I know there are times during every session when I must look completely crazy. I'm lying on the ground, sometimes even falling in the mud. But do I get the shot? Yes! Yes I do. Even when I slip and fall in the mud. (Right, Deven and Tim?)

So here are a few of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos from 2021, alongside the final photos.

Thank you for trusting my vision, even when I look a little unhinged.

Riley fell asleep during her 3-month milestone session, so... this happened.

... we posed her like a newborn.

Sure, we can work that adult-sized baseball hat into the session...

Roll Tide!

Two words: SPECIAL EFFECTS. I frickin' LOVE smoke bombs. And drama.

Haylee // Class of 2022

Apparently I spend a lot of time lying on my stomach, in all kinds of dirt. It's fine, I'm fine.

But did I get the shot? YES. YES I DID.

On my stomach, again.

Trisha // Class of 2022

Trust me, I'm a photographer.

Adam // 10 Days

I know it's cute from where you're standing...

... but it's even sweeter where I'm standing.

This photo makes me look bossy. Wait... am I... bossy?!

Okay, I might be "bossy" but it's worth it.