January 19, 2023

Get in the Photos, Mama!

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Making the case for mamas in photos

Listen, I get it. We don't always feel like getting in photos. Aside from body image issues, and the unrealistic expectations we tend to set for ourselves, there's also the logistical nightmare of getting kids AND yourself photo-ready. But today I'm making the case for you, mama, getting in the photos, too. Whether we're talking professional photos (like at your baby's newborn session) or just quick everyday snaps with your cell phone, here are three very good reasons YOU should get in photos, too.

First of all, and this might sound morbid, these photos with you in them? They're not really for you. They're for your kids, because someday, these photos will be all that's left of you. And trust me, your children are not going to care if you still have that last ten pounds to lose or if you hate your crooked smile — all they're going to see is the way your arms are holding them close, and how happy you all look together. I cherish every photo I have of my dad, and I don't care what he looks like in them, because these precious photos are all that's left of the man who raised me. So please, please, be sure to get in a few photos, even if you just don't feel like it.

Second, of course, is your OWN memories. I find myself looking back at the photos of myself with my kids when they were little, just loving how we're all so happy together. As time's gone on, I've started to pick myself apart less and less, and these photos of me with my babies mean so much to me.

And last, but not least, is the example we're setting to our own children about body image and confidence. We absolutely do not want to pass our insecurities along to our children, especially our little girls, so we can't say terrible things like "I'm too fat for pictures!" or "I hate my smile!" or "Can you PhotoShop my arms and thighs to look smaller?" because our kids hear us, and like little sponges, they pick up what we say about ourselves.

Please, mamas, get in the photos. Your kids deserve pictures of their mamas, and so do YOU!

Side note: I promise photos including mama can be painless. Here are a few of my favorites.