January 25, 2023

Tips for Taking Your Own Hospital Newborn Photos

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It's not always possible to have a professional come to the hospital or birthing center to take your Fresh 48 newborn photos, but rather than miss this milestone, you can take the shots yourself. How? Here are some tips.

Do them in the morning

Plan to take your Fresh 48 photos in the morning, or at least when there's bright daylight outside.

Move the bassinette close to the window

The best light will be close to the window, so move the bassinette as close to the window as you can. Actually, you've just had a baby! Let someone else move it!

Clear the clutter

Also, have someone else move all of the clutter and distractions out of the photo area, too.

Turn off the overhead light

The overhead lights are generally yellow and will cast strange shadows. If possible, turn them off.

Get the shots

Snap a few closeups of baby, including her hands, toes/feet, cord, anklet, and her cradle card, plus any other details you don't want to miss. Then go for her whole sweet face, and if you can zoom out enough, her entire body. Snap a few of your partner holding her, and ask them to take a few of you with baby, too.


The main thing here is not to shoot up baby's nose when you're photographing her face. Think "less nostrils" and you're good!

Be careful!

Listen, you just had a baby! So no climbing on chairs to get a better angle, and no moving things around — let someone else do the dirty work and BE CAREFUL!