October 28, 2023

Trend Alert: 1/2 Birthday Sessions are IN

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Half-birthday sessions are SO much fun, and they're SO trending right now! It's the perfect half-way point between brand-new newborn and one-year-old, so why not celebrate with a sweet 6-month session? Half-way-to-one babies are just starting to show off their own little personalities, and the posing possibilities (and darling props) are almost endless. Here are a few of my recent 1/2--birthday milestone sessions. Meet Marley, Mason, Adelynn, Audra, and Beau. Aren't they all just darling? And I LOVE those little 1/2 birthday hats! I promise we can feature other colors, too, besides pink and beige. Maybe a soft blue or green, or really ANYTHING besides pink or beige? Let's schedule your baby's 6-month milestone!