Newborn Photo Sessions, Defined

What's the difference between a Fresh 48, an in-studio, and an in-home newborn session?

Fresh 48: this is a hospital/birthing center session, when baby is still brand-new. There is some posing, but it's mostly candid and very emotive. I'll bring wraps and a few very simple items, and we'll be shooting during the day, using the natural light from windows. We must follow the hospital/birthing center's Covid-19 and other restrictions.

In-studio posed: this session takes place in my home studio, ideally when baby is between 5 and 12 days old. This session is entirely posed, mostly while baby is deeply asleep. Everything we need — blankets, outfits, props, wraps, headbands — is provided, except parent outfits and older sibling outfits.

In-home lifestyle: this session takes place in your home, ideally when baby is less than three weeks old. There's very little posing — think direction rather than literal posing — and these sessions are very cozy, very sweet, and very real. Here's a complete gallery from an in-home newborn session. Worried that your home won't be tidy and photo-ready after the new baby arrives? It's all good. I promise I won't be photographing the dishes in your sink or the mountain of laundry on the sofa; most of the time, I shoot in the nursery, living room and/or mommy and daddy's room.

All three session types can include family/siblings, if the hospital/birthing center permits it.

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