January 22, 2024

All About Color

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Here’s how to choose the perfect colors for your newborn session

With an entire rainbow of colors to choose from, of course some parents are indecisive about which ones to include in their newborn session. But I have a few tips, and a few examples, that can help! Let's have a look.

Baby’s choice! 

Of course, we should always consider which colors look good with baby's complexion and hair color. If baby has jaundice, we'll avoid purple. If baby is red, we can choose a color to mediate that, too!

Neutrals are always a good idea

Neutrals are great because they work for everyone and every hue in home décor. And I have loads of neutrals to choose from!

Home decor 

Speaking of home décor, this is something else to consider when choosing colors for your newborn session. You'll be hanging these photos in the nursery, so start with a color palette that matches what you already have.

Blue is gorgeous for boys… and girls! 

Blue is always a safe choice — even for a slightly jaundiced baby — and it works for boys and is gorgeous for girls, too! Buck tradition and consider blue for your baby girl. Why not?

Think seasonal

For spring babies, most parents avoid dark colors and embrace pastels; in fall there's all those gorgeous jewel-tone shades, and at Christmas, who can resist green or red?


If you just can't decide on colors, no worries! Leave that decision until you arrive at the studio, where I can show you all of your options and help you narrow it down to the perfect palette.

Now that you’ve read through these tips, let’s have a look at some babies in different colors! Which ones do you like best? 

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