January 3, 2023

How to Choose the Perfect Props for Your Newborn Session

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You've Booked Your Session, Now Let's Choose Your Props!

Most of the time, I already have the most perfect tiny outfits and props for your upcoming newborn session, but what happens if you're wanting to include a theme or color scheme I don't already have? Sometimes you'll want to find and purchase your own props or clothes, but it can be daunting, especially since we've all seen too many "What I Asked For vs. What I Got" online shopping horror stories. Here are some tips to help you choose just the right thing. And hey, if you're a fellow newborn photographer, these tips and tricks can help you build your own client closet and stash!

  1. Decide before you shop: Before you even start looking, decide what themes and color schemes you want to include in your newborn session, then check with me to see what I already have at the studio. Chances are, I've got it covered (I'm obsessed with newborn props and goodies). If not, narrow your focus a bit before you start to look. What EXACTLY are you looking for?
  2. Shop local: Whenever possible, shop with a local small business, or a retailer you can visit in person. Shopping in-person means you get to avoid the stress of a potential "What I Asked For vs. What I Got" debacle. And don't be afraid to branch out from typical newborn shops; for example, I've found some of my favorite props at antique stores!
  3. Sizing matters: Even though that cute knit outfit on Etsy is marked Newborn size, it most likely is not. Often times they're far too big and chunky, sized for a three- or six-month-old. If you're looking for a little themed outfit — say, a little fireman, fisherman, etc. — that will actually fit an actual newborn, ask me for a short list of vendors whose sizing is spot on.
  4. Shop EARLY: It is literally NEVER too early to start shopping for the goodies you'll want to include for your newborn photo session. Once you've booked your session (hopefully at the start of your second trimester), and checked with me about the props and goodies I already have, it's the ideal time to start shopping and tick those items off your to-do list.
  5. Keep it simple... like SUPER simple: If you've had a peek at my portfolio, you already know my style is simple, so your baby can be the star of the show. If you're choosing to bring something to the studio for your session, try to keep this "baby focused" approach in mind.
  6. Ask for advice: I have a short list of vendors whose newborn photography props and outfits (and first year milestone goodies) I love. They hand-craft item designed to fit perfectly, look adorable, be truly unique, and fit within a frugal budget (though I do have a few favorite "splurge" vendors alongside my "save" vendors).

Again, before you buy, check in with me to see what's already in the client closet and prop box, or what I might be happy to add to my collection (did I mention I'm obsessed with newborn photography goodies?)... and if you haven't already booked your newborn session, let's get that checked off your to-do list today, too! Click here to book your date!