March 9, 2023

From Click to Download: My Post-Session Process Explained


Now that your newborn photo session is complete, and you're on your way back home to (hopefully) take a well-deserved nap, the post-session magic on my end is just starting. Here's a quick breakdown of my post-session process, from the moment your newborn session is over, until I deliver your digital gallery. Let's go!

Empty the Camera... and back it up!

Step one, of course, is to transfer the images from my camera to my computer, and to back those images up onto my external drive as well, just in case. During a typical in-studio newborn session, I can take upwards of 250 images, so this may take about half an hour.

Cull the session

Now it's time to choose the images I want to edit for your gallery, and honestly, this is one of my favorite parts! I'll scrutinize each image, selecting the ones that are tack sharp, with all of the little details the most technically correct, in terms of posing. Occasionally I'll include an image that's not technically perfect, because there's just something about it won't let me remove it from the list.

Are we compositing?

Some images require a little more PhotoShop magic than what I can do on my own, so I'll send these images off to my newborn editing specialist. This is especially true if I'm wanting a composite, taking the best elements of two or more photos, and combining them into one.

It's edit time!

It takes me about 8 to 10 minutes to hand-edit the typical newborn photo. I remove jaundice, redness, blotchiness, baby acne, cradle cap, scratches, flakes, stray hairs, and more — sometimes all of the above for the same baby! What I don't usually remove is birthmarks, stork bites, angel kisses, or lanugo, unless asked.

Get social

If I have your permission to share sneak peeks on social media, I'll do that as I'm editing. Check Facebook and Instagram for your sneaks, and feel free to tag and share!

One last review

Now that the edits are complete, I take one last look at the gallery as a whole to make sure everything's consistent, and nothing is missing.

Gallery goodness!

Once that last review is done, I upload everything to your gallery, including a downloadable copy of your Reel, if I made one from your session. Your gallery will arrive in your email, and will include a link to the images along with a PIN you can use to download. Feel free to share your link and PIN with whomever you like; there's no limit on the number of devices or downloads. You can also order prints right from your gallery, because convenience.


Once your gallery has been delivered, and you've asked any questions you may have, I'll archive your session and keep in on my external drive for at least 7 years (and on my website for at least 6 months). If you need me to send your gallery or just the link later on, please let me know!

If you're ever wondering where in this process your session is, click here!