April 16, 2023

In Which I Answer June's Awesome Questions


On Facebook last week, I asked what I should blog about next, and my daughter's awesome mother-in-law, June, contributed a bunch of FANTASTIC questions... so here we go! Let's answer June's questions.

Q: What are the best colors to wear for either an indoor or outdoor photo session?

A: In studio, neutral colors, like grey and cream, are AMAZING! Outdoors, feel free to add a little more color, like rust or navy. And remember, the goal isn't for everyone to MATCH, but rather to coordinate.

Q: What photo paper is the best for printing my prints?

A: Matte finishes are always best!

Q: What events should I hire a professional photographer for?

A: I love this question, because of course we can't hire pros for every session. So that said, I recommend hiring a pro for once-in-a-lifetime events, like weddings, newborns, and senior portraits. It's also an excellent idea to book a family session every couple of years, so mom can be in some photos, too — because let's face it, mom is usually the one TAKING the photos.

Q: I have a camera shy relative, what can I do?

A: I love this question, too! I. myself, am somewhat camera shy, so I can relate. But my suggestions depend on whether the camera-shy relative in a child or a grown-up. If it's a child, most of the time, TIME is the answer — once they spend a few minutes just chilling in the studio or at the session location, and they realize Miss Jen isn't scary, they're ready for photos. Also, bribery works! If the camera-shy person is an adult, most of the time, their reluctance is due to insecurity; they don't like how they look, so they don't like photos. In these cases, it helps to pose in a way that camouflages their specific insecurities, and to gently remind them that the people these photos are for? They don't notice or care about that last ten pounds you want to lose or that you think your arms look chunky or whatever. All your loved ones will notice is how you're smiling, how happy you look, how your whole world is wrapped in your arms.

Seriously, June (and her questions) are just the best, aren't they?