January 14, 2023

It Doesn't Have to be Cake

cake smash photos, cake smash session

Why not feature baby's favorite food instead?

Sure, the cake smash is the traditional, messy way to finish a one-year photo session, but what if cake just isn't your (or bay's) thing? What if you want to do something else? Here are a few things we can try, instead of cake, to make baby's first-year session a total blast.

Blueberry smash, taken by Jen Knightstep, Photographer


If baby is into blueberries — or raspberries, or strawberries — we can include those in a session instead!

Lemon smash, taken by Jen Knightstep, Photographer


How fun is this?! Instead of a cake smash, let's capture your baby's reaction to tasting lemon for the first time. So. Much. Fun!

Donut smash, taken by Jen Knightstep, Photographer


I know, I know: donuts are pretty cake-adjacent, but serious, how cute is this setup? We can do cake with donuts, or just a big ol' stack on donuts without the cake.

Ice Cream smash, taken by Jen Knightstep, Photographer

Ice Cream!

There are so many super-messy options with ice cream instead of a cake! We can hand baby a giant cone, or turn her loose on a pint of Häagen-Dazs. Spoon? No spoon? Either way, this is one of my all-time favorites!

We can also try Cheerios, Lucky Charms, spaghetti, tacos, Cookie Monster — whatever baby's favorite food is! What's your favorite alternative to a cake smash?