February 8, 2023

My In-Studio Newborn Photo Session Workflow

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There's a method to my workflow

After more than a decade of photographing newborns, I've mapped out a workflow that keeps sessions moving, keeps babies happy, and fills galleries with a variety of sweet images. Here's how my typical in-studio newborn photo session flows.


Once parents arrive at the studio, we choose the colors for the session, and I wrap baby in the "family" color, coordinating with what the parents (and siblings) are wearing, and what we're using as a background color.

Parent + Family Poses

I always start with daddy first, then add mommy, then add siblings. Then it's mama's turn to shine! Then I'll add daddy, and siblings again. Mommy and daddy are now done, and it's all about siblings with baby. There may be two setups for siblings, but once those are done, parent and family poses are complete and now we'll focus on baby alone. This is the perfect time for daddy to take the siblings out for chicken nuggets, leaving mommy, baby, and me to finish the baby-only part of the session.

Baby in a Prop

While baby is wrapped, we'll pose with the same color scheme and wrap as the parent poses, so the gallery will be cohesive and gorgeous. I'll try a basket or crate first, then if baby's still sleeping and content, I'll move on to the bucket or bed.

Time for a Break!

If baby's awake and/or restless now, it's the perfect time for a break. I'll change sets while baby's diaper is changed and baby is fed. Hopefully, baby will drift back to sleep, and we'll choose the next color, and move on to the blanket poses.

Blanket Poses

Now it's time for blanket poses! These are my favorite, and I always try to start with a wrapped pose, if baby is not quite asleep or a little unsettled. Once baby is back to sleep, we'll unwrap and try for bum up, head on hands, taco, and more. We can even add tiny props! I'll attempt each pose three times, but if baby is uncomfortable, I'll move on and try another pose — baby's comfort and safety is my top priority!

Mug Shots

By now, baby is probably awake but content. If so — and even if baby is a little salty about being awake — I'll usually try mug shots, to feature baby's bright eyes and adorable expressions. If baby is angry, though, we'll skip the mug shots and the session is complete!

Wrap Up!

Once I've set my camera down, it's time for the final diaper change and to get baby back into her own regular clothes. If she's hungry, this is the perfect time for a quick feeding before she's back in her car seat, ready to go.

After the Session

Now that the session is complete, I'll unload the images from my camera, back them up (just in case) and start work on completing your gallery. To see where in the edit queue your gallery is, check here. And keep your eyes on socials for sneak peeks — and once they've been posted, feel free to tag and share. Once your gallery is complete, I'll send you an email.