March 11, 2023

About Me, the Lady Behind the Lens


Hi, I'm Jen!

Remember that time you did that "team building exercise" at work, and you had to introduce yourself and give everyone a little more information about who you are? Yeah, that was awful, right, like, what do you even SAY? But I thought it might be helpful for new clients who haven't met me yet to know a little more about me, who I am, and why I'm completely delighted to photograph newborns, babies, and high school seniors.

i've been in the photography industry since 2001

Okay, in my head, that doesn't sound like such a long time ago, but in real life, that's 22 years. I started in the automotive sector, in a photographic archive for one of Detroit's Big Three automakers, and in 2008, I left the auto industry and started photographing people.

I'm not from South Dakota

I was born in Michigan, spent my childhood in California, and moved all around between Michigan and the Pacific Northwest before settling in Sioux Falls in 2022.

I'm a granny!

It's true! I have two grandsons, who live in the Netherlands... and if there's anything sweeter than spending time snuggling and photographing newborns, it's hearing them learn a new language.

I love travel and tea and distance running

I start every day with a cup of black tea, and most of my spare time is spent traveling. Remote, off-the-grid camping is my jam. Want to hear me babble on for hours? Ask me about the last marathon I ran, or which trail shoes I love best, and I won't shut up.

I'm obsessed with all things baby

My studio space is a testament to my great love of all things baby — blankets, swaddles, bonnets, cute headbands, tiny outfits and props — I have to have them all! On the plus side, my mild obsession means I have everything we'll need for your newborn or milestone session.

I love photographing seniors, too

I know I talk a lot about newborn and first year milestone photography, but I also LOVE photographing high school seniors!