February 15, 2024

5 Things I Don't Charge for at a Newborn Session

behind-the-scenes, newborn photography

It's important to know what, exactly, the fee for your newborn session includes — but what about all of the behind-the-scenes things I DON'T charge for? It's important to know these things, too, so here's a quick run-down on a few super-important things I don't charge extra for.


Life happens, especially with a brand-new baby in the mix, so I never charge a fee for rescheduling a newborn session. Of course I appreciate some notice, so can try to open your time slot for another family, but I don't charge a fee to reschedule your session.


Often times, the family and sibling images are my very favorites from a newborn photo session, and they're so meaningful! So I don't charge an extra fee to add mom, dad, siblings, or even grandparents to a newborn session. I do need to know during the booking process who'll be participating in the session, but there's no added cost.

Studio Closet

I'm obsessed with little outfits for baby and for toddler siblings, so I always provide free access to the studio closet with newborn sessions. I can also offer styling advice for the rest of the family, and there's no fee for that, either.


The average time for an in-studio posed newborn session is about two and a half hours, so my session fee includes up to three hours. But if I don't feel like I have all of the photos I want, I'll continue the session for another little while, which is why the pre-session prep guide and contract all say three hours. I don't ever charge for a little extra time, if that's what I need to get the perfect shot.


Because newborn sessions do run more than two hours, I provide an awesome snack basket, loaded with treats for mom, dad, and siblings. Of course there's no fee for munchies — you're going to need a little treat, and it's the least I can do. You got yourself together, then wrangled a newborn, sleep-deprived dad, and a sibling or two out the door for photos. Yeah, you deserve a snack.

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