March 1, 2023

Caution: Delicate Babies Ahead!

behind-the-scenes, newborn photography

This is what I do to help keep your baby safe during a session

No matter how cavalier you are about safety before you're a parent, once that baby is born, your instincts kick in and suddenly everything is a potential hazard — I'm still shocked at how HARD the neonatal nurses burped my babies*, and HOW ON EARTH are we supposed to use those GIGANTIC infant nail trimmers on these teensy-tiny newborn fingernails?! As a mama myself, I walk that fine line between "pssh, babies are made of rubber" and "you can't be too careful!" ... so here's how I keep your baby safe during their newborn session.

Pose professional

I've been in the industry for more than 20 years, and a newborn photographer specifically since 2012, so I've learned which poses are sheer PhotoShop magic (froggy pose, for example) and which can safely be done in real life. I've also learned how to tell when a baby just isn't comfortable in a pose, and I'll follow their lead if they're not.

Infant CPR

I'm certified in infant CPR. I hope I'll never have to use it, but just in case, I am certified.

The Ick + The Masks

I can't believe I ever used to shoot newborn sessions without wearing a mask! It's not just about Covid; there are SO many easily communicable diseases floating around and I just won't risk being that close to your baby for that long — anywhere from one to three hours, depending on which type of newborn session we're doing — without wearing a mask. I'm also not going to shoot a session if I'm feeling even a slight sniffle.


Again, this isn't just about Covid — I keep up to date on ALL of my vaccines (but I don't get boosters within two weeks of an upcoming session or due date, just in case).


I learned this tip from a NICU nurse: don't wear fake nails or jewelry while handling newborns, because these things are germ magnets! They may also cause scratches. Yikes!

My Space

If we're shooting in my space, you'll notice the studio is WARM — very warm. I keep it toasty for baby's comfort and safety. I also make sure all of my props and outfits, etc. are safe to use, and are disinfected between uses.

If there's anything else I can do to help keep your newborn safe during our session, let me know!

*Mad love and respect for neonatal nurses and their burping skills. I mean no disrespect. They're awesome.