October 30, 2023

Things I Have in My Newborn Studio That Just Make Sense

behind-the-scenes, Newborn photography props

There are a few things I keep in my newborn photography studio that just make sense — and they have nothing at all to do with photography! What are they, and why should new mommies and daddies stop on the way home from their session to grab them, too? Here's my short list.

Baby Shusher

You may already have a white noise machine or an app on your smart phone, but they likely won't compare to the Baby Shusher. Honestly, when I'm having a hard time sleeping, this thing soothes me to sleep, too. It's the best $35 you'll ever spend on a baby product.

Burp Cloths(aka cloth diapers)

Cloth diapers make the absolute best burp cloths. They're sturdy, just the right size, and they bleach really nicely. Buy a stack to keep on hand. They have SO. MANY. USES!


I keep a basket of yummy snacks in the studio because sessions average three hours and brand-new parents can always use a tasty little pick-me-up. For siblings, I keep fruit snacks, Goldfish and Pirate Booty. For parents, I keep Chocolove bars, trail mix, and cashews, with a few other snacks for good measure. It's such a good idea to keep a little snack basket on hand at home, too, within reach of the couch or on the bedside table.

Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars

Every big brother or big sister, from toddler to teen, loves playing with the giant bag of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars I keep in the studio. They're inexpensive and literally every kids on earth loves to play with them. They're quiet, colorful, and make an excellent distraction for toddler siblings when mom and dad need a few minutes with the new baby.


The muslin swaddles you can buy online are cute, but they don't work nearly as well as the jersey knit wraps I use in the studio. My advice? Hit the fabric store and purchase a half-yard of tee-shirt material fabric to use as a swaddle instead of the pre-made square muslin ones. The soft, stretchy fabric is so much easier to work with!