March 24, 2023

This is Why My Studio is Inside My Home

behind-the-scenes, newborn photography, milestone

Why don't I have a commercial studio space?

I get this question a lot, and the truth is, I used to have a commercial studio space I loved, but I made the decision to bring my studio to the first floor of my home for so, so many reasons. Here are a few of the things I considered when I was debating leasing a separate studio space, or bringing the studio home.

It feels safer

This may sound strange, but keeping my studio in-home means I'm in control of how often and how deeply the space is cleaned, and who's here, in this space I reserve for my tiniest clients. I'm not saying my old commercial studio space wasn't perfectly clean or private, but it was a public space, which meant there was a lot more foot traffic and potentially a lot more exposure to germs. Yuck!

It's so cozy and comfortable

It feels so on-brand to have a small, comfy, cozy studio space, a space that's a literal extension of my own personal home and space.

It cuts down on clutter

A big space means lots of room to keep things I don't need, and that can also mean clutter. Here, in my perfect little space, everything has its place and its use, and there's no room or need for clutter.


Also, since I'm not leasing a pricey commercial space, my overhead costs are lower, and that savings is reflected in my pricing. It also means I can invest in the beautiful, adorable little outfits and props we'll use during newborn and milestone sessions. Win win!

It just feels right

This can't really be explained, but it just feels so right to have my sweet little space right here in my home. There are some sessions I can't fit into my studio, and when that happens, we do have several options for shooting outside my studio: a gorgeous pay-by-the-hour studio, a lovely outdoor location, or even possibly your own home. But for everything else, there's something very nearly magical about doing sessions in my in-home studio.