January 7, 2024

Newborn Photography Goals for 2024


When you're a small business owner, your New Year's resolutions are... different.

While everyone else is starting making plans for Dry January or joining a new yoga class, small business owners are squinting at spreadsheets and making their own weird versions of New Year's resolutions. Adding an extra layer of unusual resolutions are newborn photographers, like me, who have a long list of changes we need to make, and figured "new year, new us!" So here are the "a bit different" resolutions I'm sticking to in 2024.

Photograph 50 newborns in 2024

I photographed 44 newborns in 2023, so this goal is attainable, but still not simple. That's about one newborn a week. That's a lot of babies, and nothing would make me happier than meeting or exceeding this goal. I mean, think of all the baby snuggles!

Spend more time on social media

While everyone else is swearing off Instagram, I'm over here trying to figure out how to be MORE active on social media — because that's where a lot of my new clients come from! So here's to cute behind-the-scenes reels and sleepy babies for Facebook lives!

Stop buying new props!

As a newborn photographer, I am OBSESSED with all the tiny things for my studio. But I really and truly don't NEED anything else! Do I? Let's scroll Facebook to see what all of my favorite newborn prop vendors have been working on!


My word for 2024 is MOMENTUM, so I need to do things to keep the momentum I built in 2023 going. How do I do that? ... Well, I'm not exactly sure yet. I'm trying new things (like possibly a booth at Baby Day 2024, sponsored by Your Nurtured Baby) and fingers crossed I'm able to figure it out!

Celebrate (sm)all successes!

This year, I'm recognizing, acknowledging, and celebrating small wins. I have a lot to be thankful for already this year, and it's only the first week of January!

What are your resolutions and goals this year? If one of them is booking a session, contact me here!